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Professional Plant Supplies supplies a quality range of advanced trees, shrubs and seasonal lines to the highest horticultural standards for residential, commercial and Government projects. Stock is sourced from all over Australia and is specially selected to be acclimatised to the Canberra region's tough environment.

Professional Plant Supplies likes to take the challenge out of plant sourcing for our clients, reacting quickly to your needs for pricing and availability, expert advice and speedy delivery to site.

If you want a particular plant and it is available, Professional Plant Supplies can get it for you - from tubestock, superadvanced trees, native plants, rare and threatened species - we supply it all.

Laurie Cullen and Professional Plant Supplies are not interested in anything below 'A' grade and our network of suppliers built up over the last 25 years will only supply to the highest standard there is - The Professional Plant Supplies standard.

For pricing details and/or more information, please contact us.
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