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The right plant in the right place, on time, everytime.

Professional Plant Supplies always aims for the highest quality plant material and customer service. Our ability to communicate with our clients is a benefit money cannot buy.

Too often without the correct knowledge, expertise and experience, a contractor or their client will lose money, time and face due to poor plant selection and quality. This can cause a project to go from 'A' to 'B' grade or lower.

At Professional Plant Supplies, we ensure this will not happen to you.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of plants, however if we are unfamilar with a particular cultivar/species we WILL do the research and report back promptly. We know the experts in every field and will seek out information to satisfy your wishes whilst adding to our knowledge base.

At Professional Plant Supplies we do not 'cut and run' from projects. We strive for success for all involved.

It is important our landscapes succeed, so as part of our service we offer advice on how best to maintain your garden or landscape after everyone has gone.

Let Professional Plant Supplies take away the worries of supplying plant material for your next project.

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